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Mentorship Program
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  Every year, lakhs of students aspire to study abroad but not many make it to their dream colleges or universities due to lack of proper guidance and information. Do not let inappropriate counselling stand between you and your dreams.

  We, at AbroadShiksha understand the importance of every child’s aspiration and future and consider it our responsibility to provide the best and most accurate information to all our students and assist them in every possible way to bridge the gap between them and their dream colleges.

  We will chalk out a comprehensive plan and possible options for every child based on his/her past academics, co-curriculars, work experiences etc. It eliminates confusion and eases out the process of decision making for the child and his/her families.

  AbroadShiksha provides individualised counselling sessions with study abroad professionals to assist you in better understanding education abroad. You may be considering studying abroad and want to learn more about the practicality and prerequisites, or you may seek support with your student visa since you are already planning to study abroad.

  Don't worry, Abroadshiksha also provides stand-alone services to assist you in achieving your goal of studying abroad. For the best outcomes, we recommend our comprehensive end-to-end counselling services, so this can be an excellent place to start to seek professional advice before moving further.

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Guidance Session

These sessions help you discover the varied options and helps you identify your interest. Guidance sessions with AbroadShiksha specialists are held to provide extensive information about various countries and universities in order to assist you in making an educated decision. It allows you to develop a great worldwide career without having to deal with any difficulties.
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Career Counselling

These sessions help identify interest and fiddle options based on them. Gone are the days when students used to be confused and extremely anxious about their careers. Our mentors and experts are here to take away all your frowns. Students attend personalised sessions in which a scientific study of their interests, abilities, and intellect is conducted in order to determine the field in which they are most likely to achieve. It can assist you in comprehending the many job options and making an educated decision.
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Admission Counselling

In these sessions, our experts guide you right from filling forms till college onboarding. We provide a hassle – free and easy way of completing the procedures and guide you throughout the way. This service guides you through the whole admissions process, from picking institutions to correctly filling out application forms. To boost the chances of selection, complete assistance with form filling and SOP writing, as well as letters of recommendation and cover letters, is supplied.
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Visa Counselling

Visa counselling assists you in navigating the maze of obtaining the necessary paperwork in order to obtain a student visa, as well as assisting you in preparing for the visa interview, if one is required. The coaching sessions ensure that you obtain your visa quickly and without difficulty.
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Long Follow-up Mentorship Sessions

Follow up sessions of 30 minutes are provided by experts at no extra cost for the students. Depending on the individual requirement, a student can schedule multiple follow up sessions and clarify the doubts and queries under fair usage policy.
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Follow-up Mentorship Session

Follow up sessions of 15 minutes are provided by experts at no extra cost for the students. Depending on the individual requirements, a student can schedule multiple follow up sessions under fair usage policy.