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Choosing the right course and university is the most crucial decision in a student's life since you will live with your decisions for the rest of your life. When looking for the Perfect University choice, a student is under a lot of pressure. The options you have and the decisions you make is determined by your future career aspirations, hobbies, and admissions eligibility.

Figuring out the finest university where you may obtain an admission and also obtain the finest potential foundation for a successful profession is difficult due to a lack of reliable data and imprecise university portals where it is difficult to obtain such in-depth admission related information. Sometimes the inaccuracy of the information confuses and perplexes the aspirants and they make wrong choices which adversely affects them. So, let the AbroadShiksha professionals assist you in making the best selection possible today.

How we shortlist Universities according to your portfolio?

AbroadShiksha's university shortlisting and student profile services match students with the finest institutions in their desired country, based on the following criteria:

  Encounters at work
  Aims for the Future
  Referencing Budgeting

How It Works

Our rigorous university shortlisting services assist you in shortlisting universities and courses while also assisting you in understanding the particular eligibility criteria. Following filling up My Profile, students will be given two additional dedicated consulting sessions with experts, and a suggested list of institutions will be displayed on the customized dashboard after the customised sessions with experts.

University Exploration made Easy!

It is critical to select the finest university in the best country since it will act as a catalyst for your entire achievement.
We provide two alternative shortlisting options depending on your destination country preferences. Please select the proper service.


  Compare and shortlist 6 Countries.

  Countries- UK, Singapore Australia, New Zeland, Canada, Ireland

  Shortlist upto 10 universities

  1 University Shortlisting session with a study abroad expert

Pricing:- 10000.00


   Compare and shortlist in all 48 Countries.

  Countries- All 48 country options

  Shortlist upto 15 universities

  2 University Shortlisting session with a study abroad expert

Pricing:- 20000.00

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Student Testimonials

See what few our students have to say about us effectiveness of our services

Bharat Bulchandani

The information during session is good - it will give you lot of information about study abroad. Abroad Shikha counselors are very helpful and they helped me finalize the college in Canada. I totally relied on AbroadShiksha’s counsellors and they guided me beautifully during the journey.

Sudhanshu Dutta

I have received several counselling sessions with other consultants in the past but Abroad Shiksha Exploration counselling sessions was detailed and interesting and helped me finalize study options for me. They carefully studied my past experiences and future aspirations and suggested me accordingly.