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Career assessment to help shape and achieve your Goal

Planning which Career Suits you and then creating a strategy to achieve it, is something which gives a lot of students sleepless nights.
Abroad Shiksha Offers Personalised assessment based solution to help you explore different career paths fit for you based on your :
  Career aspirations
  Skills and aptitude
  Work interest
Our experts will be able to help you comprehend different careers based on your personal preferences for Just Pay Rs 5999/-

What is Career Pathway Exploration (CPE) ?

A career pathway is a subset of professions within a larger career cluster that require similar abilities. Each career cluster comprises a number of professional paths. You can begin in a lower-leverage position in a career route and work your way up with additional education and experience. Exploring career pathways involves looking at possible options and planning your career well in advance to increase your chances of success. It essentially has three functions:

Career Exploration


When you go throughout the world, your dreams come true. Our experienced staff assists you in understanding the dynamics of many sectors that match your interests, aptitude, and talents under Career Exploration.

Career Awareness

Career Awareness

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, potential, and skills is critical to achieving success in life. The sure-fire way to a successful career is to hone your skills and emerge as a winner. The profile service provides you with a reality check on several facets of your ability.

Career Planning

Career Planning

This is the most crucial phase, since failing to plan is intending to fail. Aligning your strengths with your interests and talents allows you to go in a deliberate way to reach new heights of achievement.


Stress Reduction

Better Dedication Driven by Passion

Quicker Progress


We conduct a career assessment test and provide you with a detailed report mentioning every aspect of your personality to conduct a proper assessment of your skills, potential and aptitude. The following are some of the report's aspects:



This study enables students to learn about the numerous components of the work they will have to execute in the near future in order to specialise in their chosen career path.

Career Personality Analysis

Using Carl C. Jung's theory, we make every effort to learn about the many components of your personality, which is extremely important in identifying the ideal professional route for you.


Career Values Analysis

Every person brings their own set of ideals to work. This analysis examines your value system to determine whether it is consistent with your selected job route or recommends a route based on your value system to provide you with personal fulfilment.

Career Interest Assessment

This study is mostly used to map your interests for majors so that you end up doing what you enjoy. When you enjoy what you do, it becomes second nature.


Skills and Aptitude Assessment

The skill-based career evaluation, in conjunction with the RIASEC theory, are specifically developed to determine the best of your abilities and talents. This evaluation is really helpful in aligning your job with your hobbies.

 Whatsaap Now

So, If you are confused. What is the best fit career for you just start the assessment and get a session with a career expert to help you explore best-fit careers for you.

Student Testimonials

See what few our students have to say about us effectiveness of our services

Bharat Bulchandani

The information during session is good - it will give you lot of information about study abroad. Abroad Shikha counselors are very helpful and they helped me finalize the college in Canada.

Sudhanshu Dutta

I have received several counselling sessions wih other counsultants in the past but Abroad Shiksha Exploration counselling sessions was detailed and interesting and helped me finalize study options for me.