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Career Planning

Career Pathway exploration at abroad shiksha follows a scientific approach to help students choose the Best-Fit Careers. We use perfect amalgamation of various proven psychological and assessment based theories to help a student find career streams fit for the student.


University exploration and shortlisting packages at Abroad Shiksha helps the students find the Best-fit Countries and universities for the student. We use a recommendation engine to map students profile with the universities entry criterion to suggest the student about his chances for admission. How is it done : Student fills the my profile section on the students’ personalised dashboard and requests for shortlisted options. Students profile Data is mapped using a big data engine at our backend to suggest relevant options to students.

Application Assistance

Application assistance comprehensively solves all the application related issues any applicant faces during the application process. Our Counselling sessions at various stages of the application process are dedicated to the tasks a student needs to perform during the application phase such as
Mapping of admission requirements
Assistance with the SOP / personal essay
Application interview preparation
Apart from the counselling sessions our application team ensure smooth application process along with tracking and management for students applications.

Visa Support

Comprehensive visa support services at abroadshiksha.com helps the student through each and every step of visa processing ensuring top visa services. We assist our students in meeting all visa documentation requirements helping them submit a flawless visa application increasing their Chances of success.

Transition Assistance

Our transition assistance services ensures that the student is well aware about what's in store for him when he lands in his destination country. Our services smoothen the entire transition for the student by providing support at various stages including finding accommodation, getting money transferred or counselling regarding the cultural dos and don'ts .