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There is no free lunch in the world, and the so-called free educational consultation comes with a high cost to you. International students are like cash cows to some low-ranking foreign universities. Universities often charge an additional fee of 400-500 percent for international students, and as such, they pay large commissions to agents that refer students to their university. Since most colleges are just average, you don't get the benefits you want.


The cost to students here is that they forgo admission to a top college and have to drop part of their scholarship. The scholarships offered by the school to students are reduced by the commissions of the agents, so they mainly do not assist students in achieving the best scholarships. In fact, agents do not support students. Agents receive a number of scholarships for very discerning and bright students, but they are often less than what they could get if they applied correctly.


At this point, you should also keep in mind that only a few of the average, below average, and bottom-of-the-line colleges hire their application staff. They do not need to go through agents. So, if any agent even offers to get you into a top university, you should know that those are bogus promises and he won't be able to get into the system. Only a few good universities use the agency model.


Most of them do not want to use recruitment agents, commission partners or other third-party providers to fill open positions. This practice is carried out by private institutions that are struggling to fill their seats and fill their pockets with the hard-earned money of Indian students. Because India is a good market for foreign universities, many of them have formed partnerships with agents to supply students to their campuses. Agents are attracted to them because of the lucrative revenue they provide, and they are generally not interested in destroying students' career opportunities.


So, under the guise of free educational advice, they simply refer to the partnering universities and secure their share through them. Someone has to pay the price of free consultations held by private agencies every day because nothing is free in this physical world. And it is here that students have to bear all the costs. There are a number of genuine consulting firms that have been in the industry for a long time and provide real support to students and all the advice needed for every aspect of their study abroad journey.


Fees are paid directly, which eliminates the need for a middleman to profit from the child's assistance. In the end, education is the most noble thing in the world, and promoting it rightly and without profit is a daily need for the development of the whole nation. Therefore, with the right approach, knowledge and judgment, you should seek and accept help from the right consultants, they will be better than your relatives and friends in provide appropriate help.

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