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It is not what you achieve, but what you overcome, as it has been accurately remarked. That is what distinguishes your professions. To handle all of the problems that come your way successfully, you only need a hardworking attitude, self-confidence, and absolute determination. Education is now highly important in shaping and building one's excellent and successful job. Typically, after-school education students are perplexed as to which job path they should choose, and they are accustomed to wandering here and there in search of the Right Career and Best Guidance. Once a student has completed his or her higher education, the key decision that must be made is which course to pursue.


For Arts students:

First, consider the employment alternatives for those who have chosen the arts. However, this is not a popular career path among students. However, arts as a discipline are becoming increasingly popular. It is no longer restricted to teaching. It provides a variety of fields, a few of which are listed below:

  • Psychology: Social psychology, Industrial psychology, Counselling psychology, Clinical psychology, Human development, Special education, Human resources, Learning disability, Mental retardation
  • Sociology: General Sociology, Indian Society, Social Work, Indian Society, Sociology of health, Science and Technology, Environment, Science and Technology, Sociology of religion, Cultural studies, Occupational sociology, Social exclusion, Social anthropology, Sociology related to Mass media, Sociological theories, Gender and Society, Social demography, Criminology, Industrial sociology
  • Literature: Linguist Philosophy
  • Law: Company Secretary, Defense writing, Legal writing, Notary, Solicitor, Criminal law, Civil law, Corporate law, Securities law, Property law, Income tax law, International law, Information technology law etc
  • Library sciences
  • History
  • Geography: Applied geography, Geographical Cartography, Geographic information science, Remote sensing and Geoinformatics
  • Archaeology: Medical archeology, Landscape archeology, Eastern archeology, Marine time archeology, Ethnography
  • Public administration
  • Teaching


For commerce students:

If you pick commerce as your major, you will have a plethora of exciting job opportunities ahead of you. We all know that becoming a Chartered Accountant is every commerce graduate's aspiration. A commerce graduate, however, has various employment alternatives in addition to CA. Among them are:

  • Banking: Retail/ personal banking, Merchant banking, Corporate banking, Microfinance, Rural banking, Treasury group, Product management, Loans executive
  • Accounts: Chartered Accountant, Cost And Work Accountant, Certified Financial Analyst, Certified financial planner Economist
  • Insurance: Actuarial Sciences, Insurance and Risk management, Insurance agent, Insurance surveyor
  • Investments: Equity Research Analyst, Derivative analyst, Investment Banker, Mutual fund agent or executive, Stock Broker, Capital market manager, Forex Dealer, Venture Capitalist
  • Management: Human Resource Management, Marketing management, financial management, Brand Management, rural management, retail management, Event Management, International business management, Market Research Management, Marketing and Sales Management, disaster management, product management, Technology management, Education management, NGO management, Operation And Logistics Management, Family business management, Export management, Material management, Business Development Management
  • Finance: Certified Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, Company Secretary
  • Computers: Software developer, Web developers, System Architect, Multimedia designer, System/IT administrator/manager, Data processing assistant, Data entry operator, Database Administrator, Servicing and Maintenance technician, Technology manager, server manager


For science students:

The student will select a profession choice based on whether or not he or she has taken math. If the student chooses math, the subject becomes PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), and if the student does not choose math, the subject becomes PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) (Physics, chemistry, biology). One thing to keep in mind is that if you don't know how to do arithmetic, you can't be an engineer. Other solutions, such as pharmacy, might be considered in such a circumstance. Science courses should be selected with caution. Listed below are a handful of the graduate degrees available:

  • BE/BTech
  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  • BSc (Science)
  • BCA (IT amp; Software)
  • BSc (IT amp; Software)
  • MBBS
  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc (Science)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

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