Student visa guidance and advice for studying abroad

Getting a visa is not at all easy majorly because of the documents required and the tough interviews. Abroadshiksha has years of experience because of which the expert team can help you decode the visa requirements of the destination country easily. The expert sessions have helped more than 5000 students in getting the visa easily by helping them fulfill the entire documents requirement along with gearing them up for the interview process.

So embark the study abroad journey in a stress free and joyful way by leaving your Visa application troubles on Abroadshiksha.

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Guidance on student Visa documentation

Under this service we help you align all the documents required for visa application. The documents required for all the countries are different and therefore the expert help ensures that all the documents are available and filed in the required way.

Student Visa applications

Once your admission has been confirmed, getting the visa approval is a major milestone and the first and foremost step towards setting a foot abroad. We help you fill out the visa application in the best possible manner so that you can successfully get the visa in a hassle free way.

Student Visa Interview Preparation

Some countries have really strict Visa interview and they are not very easy to crack. But with abroadshiksha you needn’t worry as the experts gear you up and prepare you well in advance to face the interview with utmost confidence which increases your chances of success.

The core services provided under Visa guidance include:

  • 1. Ensuring the availability of funds and correct documents for application
  • 2. Counseling sessions of 60 minutes and multiple 30 minutes follow up sessions to prepare for the visa interview
  • 3. Step-by- step guide and complete assistance with the visa application form filling to ensure that there are no errors at all.

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