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Choosing the appropriate Course and university is a very important decision in the life of a student because you are going to live with your choices for the entire life. A student has to go through a lot of stress while choosing the BEst-fit University option. The choice depends on the Career prospects you will be getting in future, interests and Eligibility to secure admissions. With a lack of authentic information and Unclear University Websites where it is cumbersome to find such in depth admission related information, Figuring out the Best -fit University where you can Secure an Admission and also get best possible foundation for a sucessfull career is tricky. So Lets the study abroad experts help you make the right decision today.

University shortlisting and Student profiling services at AbroadShiksha.com provides the student with best fit universities in the target country as per students:

  • 1. Academics
  • 2. Professional experiences
  • 3. Career Aspirations
  • 4. Budgetary Reference

Our comprehensive university shortlisting services first helps you shortlist University and courses, helping you understand the detailed eligibility criteria requirements. Students will be provided 2 plus dedicated consulting sessions with experts after filling out My Profile and a recommended list of universities on the personalised dashboard will be rendered after the personalised sessions with the experts. You can apply to universities after getting the recommendations from our experts

Choosing the BEST-FIT University at the RIGHT Country is Very important as it serves as a Catalyst for your overall success.

We offer two different shortlisting services based on choices for your destination country Please choose the appropriate service.

Compare and shortlist 6 Countries.

Countries-UK, Singapore Australia, New Zeland, Canada, Ireland

Shortlist upto 10 universities.

1 University Shortlisting session online with a study abroad expert

Pricing:-   10000.00

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Compare and shortlist in all 48 Countries.

Countries- All 48 country options

Shortlist upto 10 universities

2 University Shortlisting session online with a study abroad expert

Pricing:-   20000.00

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