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The counselling sessions at Abroad Shiksha are designed in a personalized manner to help each and every student achieve great success in their lives. Planning for education abroad is a huge investment of time, money and efforts and your whole career is put at stake. Here we ensure that based on scientific analysis of your personality, the best option is selected for you which increases your chances of success. We aim to provide you the best understanding of your attributes to channelize your potential towards your strengths. In order to explore your interests, potential, skills and aspirations, our experts provide a comprehensive 25+ page report having detailed aspect of your personality.

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Career Exploration

Dreams are fulfilled when you explore the world. Under career Exploration our expert team helps you understand the dynamics of various industries that suit your interests, aptitude and skills.

Career Awareness

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, potential and skills is highly important to succeed in life. The sure shot key to a successful career is polishing your strengths to come out as a winner. The profiling service gives you a reality check about different aspects of your abilities.

Career Planning

This is the most important step because failing to plan is planning to fail. Aligning your strengths with your interests and skills enables you to move in a planned direction to achieve the heights of success.


To bring about specialization in your chosen career path, this analysis encourages the students to know the various aspects of the job they will have to perform in the near future.

Every individual carries their set of values to their workplace. This analysis tests your value system to see whether it is compatible with your chosen career path or recommend the pathway based on your value system so as to give you personal satisfaction.

Career Personality Analysis
Career Values Analysis

By using the Carl C Jung’s theory we make the best effort to know about the different aspects of your personality which is highly useful in determining the right career pathway for you.

This analysis is basically conducted to map your interests for the majors so that you end up doing what you love to do. A job becomes easy when you love to do it. Still Confused? You can download the below attachment and clear your doubts and apprehensions before you avail this amazing service.

Career Interest Analysis
Skills Abilities

The skill-based career assessment along with the RIASEC theory are specially designed to know the best of your skills and aptitude. This assessment is highly useful in mapping your career with the interests.

Reduced Stress
Better Dedication Driven by Interest
Faster Progress

We help you reach the best fit career

So, if you are confused. What is the best fit career for you just start the assessment and get a session with a career expert to help you explore best-fit careers for you.

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