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AbroadShiksha is a company that offers counselling services. AbroadShiksha is designed to address all short- and long-term issues that students may encounter while studying abroad. Our staff of professionals has firsthand knowledge of higher education in a variety of locations, so they are familiar with the challenges that students confront. They have gained valuable experience meeting students from all around the world, comprehending and resolving frequent challenges experienced by foreign students while studying and during the job search period after completion. 
AbroadShiksha's counselling services are provided by a team of highly qualified counsellors who are aided by a cognitive A.I. engine. AbroadShiksha focuses in resolving essential difficulties such as locating an appropriate university, fixing student visa concerns, and locating student housing, as well as coaching students on any queries or clarifications they may want in order to fully appreciate overseas education. 


The right strategy is taken here, and it leads to guaranteed admittance and a promising future overseas. Along with assisting students in obtaining admission to universities in over 48 countries across all continents, we also offer benefits and provide personalised assistance both physically and virtually to guarantee that the student receives the best learning environment. Every day, we endeavour to be the ideal link between a student's objectives and their professional results.

Mission and Vision

AbroadShiksha was founded to narrow the gap across outstanding education and aspirational students. By streamlining the procedure, we hope to make the ideal of education systems a reality for all Students studying. Our main goal is to provide student-centered counselling to help students find the finest institute overseas for their needs, taking into account their potential and industrial hubs for a superior career path. Our 24x7 worldwide delivery strategy, highly qualified and experienced team, and creative use of current technologies demonstrate our commitment to aiding students in every manner imaginable. In the early years of our services, our dedication to our aims was rewarded with a solid professional visibility. 

Education is the foundation of a successful life, and every individual has the right to seek a high-quality education. We want to offer good assistance to all children in India and South Asia so that they can exercise their right carefully. We are dedicated to providing students with the information they need to make educated decisions about their future. The innumerable kids who have benefited from our efforts attest to our dedication.